Tuesday, June 30, 2009

maya progress and robots

For my next trick, I will try to keep observing from life instead of making it up before I'm done...

I'll come back to this later...

Interior project with some textures...better lighting on the way...

Progress (Newest First):

First Maya exterior, in the first, very rough stage. Man, I was strapped for time for this assignment, but luckily its the first pass. I pretty much did this in one day, which was kind of surprising, but not really since the textures were based off pictures. Very bare, but I think a decent start. More to come (geez, check out the super-busy street texture and semi-crazy background...LOL).

So starting in orthographic view is a REALLY good way to take advantage of the lack of perspective (thanks ImagineFX, for that tip). When 3/4 is becoming too much work, orthographic can really be helpful, especially in the silhouette stage, and can work easily with square or round brushes, with the brushes spaced out in different ways.

Tesla animations (they never got in the game though :<). I'm missing a few death animations, but these were really fun to make. I used FFD which totally was not kosher with our game engine, so all fault is mine for loss of drag shapes. Also, a great way to check animations is to watch it out of the corner of your eye. Kinda weird, but maybe its tapping into that premordial brain of ours.

Robots for Tad...!

Mentioned this technique before. It's fun!

Here are some Tuts for some techniques I mentioned before. Thank Kirk for some of a lot of these theories. :D