Friday, August 28, 2009


Turn around.

Using assets made in concept stage as storyboard assets...Assets my ass! It works for starters.

first run! there's even music!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Char Color Comps (Chosen ones):

Some Ship Color Comps:

Junior project to do some action poses for him to give him a little more life...this was basically traced from a photo of a maquette, which allowed me to copy the form exactly, and it should be re-copyable into 3D.

Parallel iteration. Kirk would always take his paths and move them as he worked on them to not only see progress but continuing flaws, that are not just mapped in memory but repeating through drawings. The couple next images also show better what I mean.

Take one simple drawing, maintain it on the page, but copy it and move it over on the page, and repeat that once you've added detail that makes it different from the previous drawing, or better. I think, a good technique. Iterative files are good for saving your ass, but keeping old drawings to compare with the new drawings is even MORE helpful in progress. And I never look back into my old files, whereas this is a constant reminder (and possibly, a better option if I need to start over). As Kirk would say "comparison."

See what I mean?

Painter, reading the help file:

Some painter learning this guy here's got a crooked nose! Must say that painter does have some redeeming qualities, more specifically if you read the help file!