Thursday, September 8, 2011

ipad sketchles

The iPad tends to make things look good so I had to add about -25 brightness for this to look right on a regular monitor. 

This was pretty fun to do, because let's face it--any sort of symmetry tool across any program fucking rocks. If there was a single word for "fucking magical" it'd be "fuckgical" or maybe "magucking" and that rightly describes getting to use an active symmetry tool.

I used sketchbook pro for this, which has an amazing brush that sort of looks like this:

And it frickin' rocks! You get a lot of great gradients from this guy, and sharp vs. soft forms are really easy to create. 

Anyway, working more on getting better at the iPad drawing stuff...and just got a real stylus today so hopefully that helps with future stuff!

first shipped title!


Unfortunately it's also the project I got to spend the smallest amount of time on so far, but hey! A wins a win!

I love console games, so hopefully if I keep this up there will be more soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I don't really believe in "heroes", but

... every time I discover JK Rowling putting a new way to describe something with a fart on her website I think I love her just a little bit more. That among other things, like her creative writing!

I recently spent some time re-reading all seven Harry Potter books, and man, it's a lot different after you've experienced the story twice. It's really nice.

I feel like when I one day have kids they'll definitely enjoy these books (unless they're assholes--I'll have to make sure they're not). Not the pansy e-books though! (Unless it still has the Mary GrandPre drawings in them. They're a real treat to look forward to every chapter in addition to everything else.)

But there's nothing like curling up to a book that's bigger than you and reading without glasses on!

I spent most of my life writing more than anything else, and now that I've spent a few years doing art, I think I realize I do miss writing quite a lot. So trying to figure out a way to combine them in a video game that I actually like would be fun.

 Anyway, here's a little guy I spent a little bit of time on the other day, trying to mimic this character:

Should probably add color to the model just for practice.