Tuesday, October 2, 2012

september art challenge

Two things learned today, that I might add pictures to in the future (crunch time, just gunna jot these down for later):

Annotate Pro for References - Using Annotate Pro to learn the shapes of a reference by tracing, then burn that shape into your monitor while you draw
- Find a reference image, putting the image somewhere off to the side of your monitor (like the upper left)
- Trace that image using Annotate Pro
- Keep Annotate up, but switch to Photoshop. Now the ref will be burned into your screen for you to look at while you draw. This has a dual side effect of making you absorb the forms of your reference since you traced it.

Cut out Linework: This one was given to me based on Kirk's workflow, with my own addition of adding line work with a softer tool and then erasing. He actually uses that technique too, but with stroke:
- Use white to make silhouettes
- Use eraser to cut out details
- Paint on silhouette with clipping mask
- Use soft brush behind object to paint in lines
- Erase outermost edges to create cool looking line weight