Sunday, December 13, 2009

keep ya head up

Learned something cool while doing these silhouettes.

Taking simple shapes, squiggles, circles, ect, and using angle by direction in Photoshop's brush tools allows for nice creature creation assets for silhouettes. I learned about this while working on Tad for a brief time as well, but never got to put it into less-graphical use.

See, like shapes even like this:

Varying the spacing, maximum size and angle also creates more iterations. I've seen this sort of thing used numerous times in concept art stuff (like Jennie's and others) but I never understood how they got so rigorously repeating shapes with such control. Of course drawing more on the resulting thing helps out as well. Gunna try to remember that for next time...

Portrait from my mind...what a strong black man!!!


Love Block - Experimenting with using a lot of flat color with hard brushes, smudging, and a lot of light applied using a stroke + gaussian blur. More work to come hopefully. Gradients can be made many ways, but they should be utilized from the start to increase color palette and the feeling of light.

Game intro animatic! Put on your headphones kiddies, this has got sound!

Remembering somethings I learned with color and painting...specifically to use saturation as a device for changing coolness/warmness. Pretty cool concept I'd like to work with more.

Working on a painting process...