Monday, January 26, 2009


someone who is perpetually mad because hating your own art is a part of getting better at art.

maybe they should just try doing some more. you spend on something less worthy like hate is just gunna waste more of your time. try C:

Friday, January 16, 2009


poor Joe!

I painted this guy for one of our self-portraits, and it was supposed to be me making out with myself--the theme was to accept yourself and your flaws with love. Well, I got mad because it was ending up a bit wonky, and I painted over it (much against my theme) and before I did I took a picture. Since this instance I never destroyed any of my art...ever. Because it's all precious, regardless of its quality.

After Menzel, some old guy

Here's some art! From various places...your your fun!

I'm gunna add text to my previous post, so that I share my thoughts. Every fucking person on the world has them, and why don't we share them for others to think about? I think it's neat! 

Babycandy artplosion

Some examples of "swinging curves", using arches to define line of action and general shapes in an exciting way.

Everything consists of straight lines. It's very exciting (no, really). Doubt will reinforce laziness. I wasn't raised in a very strict household...discipline is something that I value and want to achieve. Emotions stripped away, the world is quite different and reactive. 


What a fatty! This is the first time I learned about opacity dynamics (after Kirk showed me Color Dynamics). It would of made some other stuff a lot easier!

Animated figures!

Color dynamics!!!

Enlarged to show texture.

One of the best part of art is making it entertaining.  Gloss, sheen, high detail, it's very cool, but visual interest is often overlooked.

Landscapes remind me of effects tests, and should be exciting as them.

Some enviroment sketches!

This was pretty unacceptably off-style for Daly's film, but all style is is mostly proportions, so I did more!

Joe Modelsheet...with tips from Kirk, my first attempt at flash stuff!

Keeping the drawing texture was a super ghetto way of keeping this guy more natural.

Use. Vectors. Peter! Use. Vectors!


Really the first time I'd drawn in Photoshop something finished. Fun!

Baba Yaga for character design! I made some really crazy-loose sketches for the faces and poses, and it was an instance when making TONS of sketches worked out alright. 

I'd like to use her for my junior project short, if not a game project. I kinda missed my mark with hitting "Winsor McKay"s style, but honestly I think I had made such little art of my own by then I really wanted to just do my own shit.

After John K's style, for character design...The colors were laid down in Photoshop, and Painter (the first and only time I've seriously used it) added the texture, it was extremely useful for this. I haven't painted much in Painter...I'm still trying to figure out its usefulness without running to every tutorial out just takes time like everything else. It was some fucking fun making these.