Friday, January 16, 2009


poor Joe!

I painted this guy for one of our self-portraits, and it was supposed to be me making out with myself--the theme was to accept yourself and your flaws with love. Well, I got mad because it was ending up a bit wonky, and I painted over it (much against my theme) and before I did I took a picture. Since this instance I never destroyed any of my art...ever. Because it's all precious, regardless of its quality.

After Menzel, some old guy

Here's some art! From various places...your your fun!

I'm gunna add text to my previous post, so that I share my thoughts. Every fucking person on the world has them, and why don't we share them for others to think about? I think it's neat! 

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  1. I remember that portrait :) you were up all night doing those. Love the model sheets:) the art study of the old woman is sweet. I wish i could take that cg class again.