Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sci Fi Setting:

Learning how to make base textures totally generated in photoshop The wood crate is an example with a photo overlay. Most of these need a bit more grunge and were procedurally generated, but its all very helpful. 

Still trying to figure out how to integrate smart filters with vectors, as going through these exercises using both have caused different results for the texture. More soon!


  1. these look le bomb. What is this smart filter thing you are talking about? I need to get on with the times!!

  2. Hey, I sentcha a skype but I'll post it here too.

    Smart objects let you do a few things. You can convert a single layer or multiple layers into a smart object.

    One Layer:
    - Can be used to make it so you can apply filters on the layer without permanently changing the layer.
    - Can be used to fade a layer effect, and adjust its blending mode.

    One + Layers:
    - Same things as above, but with multiple layers bundled
    - This also allows you to work with multiple layers without having to flatten them.

    These textures were created by working along this 3D texture recipe book that I found called "3D Game Textures". You should look it up, it's pretty cool.