Monday, July 20, 2009

good idea pile

First maya rig--now to skin!!! And/or learn more about rigging...O.O. Yay boob bones...
1) porno musical

There is always two things to think about daily. Whether we are consuming or creating. Even when we create we may have consumed some other form of information in order to create. Self-consuming may lead to the withering of imaginations, or maybe to the striking of our real ambitions. We all operate differently. A fire that consumes only itself will burn out. Yet there must be a way to sustain without mass consumption and addiction to consumption. A fire is transformative, and therefore, can take an idea and make it entirely new through chemical reaction. But it must be made totally interactive, and totally invasive, and distill what the real theory is of what the consumed speaks of. That we can focus our ideas into a ray of light and ignore some of the humanly weaknesses is what we must strive for...and yet again, we all operate differently.