Saturday, January 1, 2011


No updates lately--been doing an internship! Once the title comes out I'll post what I got! It's been a really, really awesome experience so far. :D

Want to do some assets in this style and learn 3D coat with them.
Also, a poem I wrote a long time ago.

Do you find the wicked path
Under feet, cracked shells of stone
And fall apart, the paths we lay
To broken sinews alone.

The light in echoed sheets will fly
And find no states’ embrace.

Though sweat-sticky hands lay over eyes
The light penetrates its corners
Bending to find the open slits
Where radiance never returns from.

The land in twisted wretched grip
That lets nothing go, holds nothing in.

We bend, we fight, and crack our spines
And lose to gain much less
And shout our thoughts, mirrored worse
Where words fail to digress.

Makes you feel all gooey inside.

Also, a popsicle.