Friday, April 8, 2011


Didn't have pressure sensitivity on my tablet today, but learned how awesome fade is when used with opacity dynamics. Try it out sometime!

A Word:
Anyone notice how panned Metroid: Other M and Suckerpunch were, despite being decent products?

Who gives a fuck why they decided to disable her weapon, bitch needed to start the series over somehow!

Seems like Metroid: Other M got panned for revealing sides of strong women that even fanboys don't want to know. Why is it now detrimental for strong women to be displaying feminine tendencies? Is that really so bad? It seems that all these wrong ideals of 'feminism' is being used to misinterpret and deface the complexity of strong females. If feminism is a belief in the superiority of women, then why make women so single-sided?

Critics must have some sort of mech-zombie-nazi-dragon up their ass

Also, most gamers have watched at least a little bit of anime. Doesn't anyone see the relationship of a super-dramatic story in Metroid that's similar to the majority of animes? (And shoot, Suckerpunch had the same negativity associated with it despite mirroring the story sense of many animes). Is the problem that people aren't ready to realistic-looking animes yet? Hell if I know!


All I know is, having gone to film classes during college, is that I sat down to Suckerpunch and laughed my ass off at the ridiculousness of it, enjoyed the eye candy (CG and cheese-cake related) and I thought it was a hell of a show. I did like the story elements as well, and felt it was an editorial comment on the extremity of action movies, told through pictures and a fun adventure. I also liked the small touches of tragedy that framed the otherwise fantastical story.

One word: hotpants

But anyway, either way, peeps need to calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up and enjoy a good experience when they see it. It's not as serious as they might think. And you shoulda played X-2, it was a good game. And, uh, there's hotpants in it. What's not to love?

Bottom-line: Don't let some bullshit excuse for a story element ruin a wonderful product for you. Do you really take anything they say about the Mario story seriously (c'mon guys...they made his name Mario Mario)? The fact of the matter is that some people choose to make art and story a shrink-wrap for a product--and to me there is a strong theory in Japan for irreverence, and the same is true for a lot of Asian storytelling and cinema.

Games are games, and story can be part of that too, but story does not make or break a whole entertainment product for me, especially when it's obviously loaded on farce.

And lets be honest--we exploit everyone. Male action heroes are an example of exploited and idealized men, if you look at the flip side of the gender argument. It's when we actually take exploitation seriously that we will have a problem.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Gradient map is the shiiiiiiittttttttt

Lets you draw in black and white and the proceed to a color pass very easily

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my dark twisted ewok fantasy

Custom smudge brush is the shit for blending