Monday, May 24, 2010

Here DP, the IP you already own! Treat!


Major two thing I realized with these paintings: sharpen and color dynamics! That sharpen motherfucker gets things going in terms of contrast and providing clearer colors, as well as delineating where contrast should be. After flattening (or using SmartObjects) pump sharpen in a couple of times and bam, step two.

Also, applying Hue, Saturation and Brightness jitter is a great way to jump start a palette and continue with unmixed colors.

Today I spent some time making a little environment to test pushing texturing before modelling, and it helped me learn a lot about the importance of textures over models, which is critical for games. This ain't quite done but it was a nice test for learning more things about this technique.

My next DP game!!! Coming back to bite you in the anus, DP!!! 2010!!!

Started blocking the little girl out...again using Sculpt Geo Tool in Maya (the Relax feature) to help go from boxy to round much easier. Jeah!

As well, used an extruded sausage technique on the hands...they're a little thin now but I'll work on it. Nonetheless, followed the technique where I started with the fingers, duplicated them, then extruded then further to form the palm of the hand, deleting the polys in between the fingers to make the palm, then bridging. Anyway if you want to know what I mean I can bust out the meat grinder...

some old shit I found!!!