Thursday, September 8, 2011

ipad sketchles

The iPad tends to make things look good so I had to add about -25 brightness for this to look right on a regular monitor. 

This was pretty fun to do, because let's face it--any sort of symmetry tool across any program fucking rocks. If there was a single word for "fucking magical" it'd be "fuckgical" or maybe "magucking" and that rightly describes getting to use an active symmetry tool.

I used sketchbook pro for this, which has an amazing brush that sort of looks like this:

And it frickin' rocks! You get a lot of great gradients from this guy, and sharp vs. soft forms are really easy to create. 

Anyway, working more on getting better at the iPad drawing stuff...and just got a real stylus today so hopefully that helps with future stuff!

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