Sunday, March 1, 2009


= Kirk

Ask him about paths. He's a fucking beast.

I learned a couple things today when scribblin' for Flash class. 

To get those squiggly shading lines prevalent in graphic art,  you simply make a single line and then scrub backwards, inheriantly in a different stroke, resulting in knit but interesting line. 

As well, thinking of hair and clothes like an effects test (in the traditional sense--a fire, smoke) can really help paste the knottiness of it down. Fun stuff. 

TeeFury flash assignment!

Going into Painter makes me just want to go back into Photoshop and make custom brushes. I really am not seeing the big deal with Painter, except maybe that it will force me to buy more RAM, but considering my intsy bit of experience there I'm sure there is more to it. Like flaming backflips!

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  1. ooooh, lol poor girl having to hide under her paper bag. Her pigtails are so cute. Yeah painter can get needlessly complex and if you're going so far as to replicate real media you should just use the real thing right?

    Cute sketch on the top, I hope to see some color slapped on it!