Friday, May 8, 2009


Still working on this...Kirk re-gave me a new technique from way back in the day for this guy!

1) Use an overlay layer to create lights and darks for shadows. It does a great job of burning something in, and any color will work.

2) After laying down the shadows, you can use the smudge tool for moving around the color just like oil painting.

Also, using a custom brush with smudge is a great way to modify silohouettes, especially grass/fur/ect!

You don't have to use an overlay layer for that, it's actually great to use with just two colors to make forms. TRY IT!!!

First Maya assignment is a scene layout...Our teacher is super helpful and knowledgeable, and so far it's been really fucking fun. I've never modeled in Maya before, but they path we've learned is really cool. Thanks to the Sucka peep for a awesome concept art (art was originally from Sucker Punch's game Sly Cooper...pretty nice).

In other news...controlled breathing has illuminated me to both insomia and waking up when I want to. Makes sense, but it's something I discovered myself after applying a rule from Kirk about riding bicycles, and that you can ride them forever if you just breathe right. Forcing yourself to breathe faster when you're dozing off can keep you awake, and similarly, when waking you can prevent yourself from falling asleep by starting to breathe faster. It's dangerous, but true.

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