Thursday, September 17, 2009

glutton glue and old stuff

More blastoff

Man I ran out of time with the last couple...This is for the concept art class.

Here's some old stuff from previous years at DigiPen. These sort of came about when I realized to have fun with what I did and break past my doubts.

Life drawing class.

Jenki's puppy.

Storyboard from Jimbo's.

Storyboard for sophmore short.

Objects from Jazno's class--proposed knife handle and knife holder.

Stuff from Tesla.
design from Jazno's projects class.
Vera's gun and Vera from Alien Interloper.

This the character from Jazno's sophmore year project. One of the first things we had to do was take a face that he drew and animate the pheonomes. I tried adding expression to the face, not just manipulating the lips. I totally dug on Angelina Jolie for these faces.

Creature from Chuck's class.

Cute cow.


Wall texture from Suzanne's class.

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