Tuesday, October 27, 2009

astronaughty + darkstar

Updated ship...still needs more work...

My character (model unfinished) with a simple rig (no IKs, nada, just bones) for use for the upcoming ANI 300 animatic...ARGH! :S

latest character model. lots more to go...!! check out his ass!!!

Slight update. Been using way more reference planes and drawing topology on it way more to help for accuracy and edge flow.

Figured out some FUCKING cool shit in Maya today. This plus modeling in pieces has made my model SO much better. Try it out (and message me if you are confused)!

Update: Also using the sculpt geometry is a great way to relax verts and create bulges!

Some concept and game assets for DarkStar. Started with a base shape and then just modified it for iterations. Did the same thing in Maya and used deformers to create the different iterations.

The first picture has the best iteration, but follows the theory all the same. Create a mark, scale, rotate and transform it over and over in different combinations, use warp and draw over the initial shape to ensure appeal.

Playing with painter, and doing something most artists don't like: not paying attention to values but only color.

First pass at using tileable assets...needs a lot of work, so I'm probably going to draw over this to see what I can make better...!!

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