Friday, October 2, 2009

Failing (to get better)

Sometimes the hardest part of art is totally failing and recovering from that without negativity, but with a clear logical mind.

This happened to me recently. I felt like I totally disappointed my concept art class teacher. I saw my mistakes show up again. So I decided to really try to improve. Why improve at concept art if its not going to be my major? Well, I like all aspects of art. And I certainly don't hate it. I just don't feel suited for it at this stage in time.

So I'll try it out. I do like painting, I just need to take what I've learned and apply it. So here's trying. The fact of the matter is that it is all logical. And fun.

And for all those that post their art out there--what the fuck is your process? No one ever says. Please start thinking about posting your process. It would help the world of art overall not to keep your ideas and tricks clandestine. I try not to, because I think it would help others. Consider it.

The next attempt in painting for ART 401. There are some issues with this image, but I feel like I've at least got a more positive spin on things. Trying to hold on...

Here are some poems from high school (somewhat girly) that didn't get accepted for the graduation poem for the yearbook. Enjoy.


Now gone our home, we leave in need
...We will not make it there alone.
Where is the time? Is all we've known
Now Crushed into memory?

Intricate treads, and here, the path that shears,
The end of the long root we shared.
What fate has become? In unknown falls we wade,
Stepping back inevitably.

Hold to what you are leaving, by the tips of pain
For it is love that sends you best-thought ache.
In each losing laugh, grasp your past as you go
In gathered trials of miles ago.

As Our Lives Are Passing

Let's stow away in memory!
Let us hide within our dreams.
The ones we left were ones we kept,
When once we'd die to be.

I'll keep you in my heart, tucked down
By stars beneath our heads
We said; "Good day, good night, good life!"
And fell in separate tread.

I knew you well in reveries
Where once I flatly lied--
"I'll bring you back into my life!"
If words could find the time.

So truth proved true, I lost you when
Our souls unwound to flight
And if I sleep, I'll find again
If uttered words unite.

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