Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cute eats bear

AO pass at character

AO on ship...wish the baked texture would look this good...

Setting up rendering for enviroment...totally fake...thanks Kirk

Ready for trouble

Maya blendshapes!

Blew my mind out last night.

So got my first custom rig off the ground. Learned and implemented some cool stuff at 4 in the morning:

Reverse Foot, with custom attribute control
IK/FK Blending for legs and hands
Roll Bone (not implemented totally, character doesn't have hand)
Back/Neck Spline IK
Pole vectors for elbow and knees
Clavicle control
Blend shapes
ect., ect.

Had a lot of fun working on this. I like all parts of the pipeline, honestly. Basically read step by step (and learned so much) using Learning Autodesk Maya 2008 text, had a lot of good stuff going on with it. Pick it up, its a pretty good resource that lets you really get a good understanding of WHY you do certain things a certain way.

Skinning is next up!

On a side note, Thank you to all's sad veteran's day seems to be "most celebrated" by those who are opposed to health insurance...maybe we should consider the generosity among humans that exists here in this day, a generosity that goes beyond mortality. Whose financial empire are they trying to save? But let me not get too deep, I am just a young person who doesn't follow politics or watch TV, as they are both just a form of entertainment... but I am someone would probably die if I came down with anything serious, rather than let my love ones financially suffer. Thanks all vets, in many instances you only fought for others.

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