Friday, November 20, 2009

obese city

Some of the emotes are scary, but I see that more as a technical failure (well, time failure) than an issue. These were fun, especially the drawings.

The process for this included just getting some simple textures in (after doing AO) and drawing over the progress. This really helps me mold what I currently have to what I need. The draw over is pretty ugly, but the result was fun and the conceptualizing of this result did not take a lot of work.

More platforms:

There's a great program out there called CrazyBump that let's you generate, preview, and adjust normal, AO, Displacement, and Specular maps in real time. Even lets you throwin the actual model instead of just a preview sphere/cube/ect. Try that shit out. Holy moles.

Sorry if some these boards are unclear, I had a lot of fun doing them regardless. I learned that maybe I should use a little more reference pictures if I want to be more accurate (this piece I just didn't--I guess I learned this after doing them). Might help out.

Mind drawing. Found that I draw weight better when starting from the ground up. Some super quick ones.

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