Saturday, November 14, 2009



Finally getting the normal map/Mudbox/retopologizing workflow down. Thanks to Kirk, Drew, and this dude: ( )

Alternative WorkFlow For Modeling

1. Start with low poly base mesh, all quads; edge loops and topology does not matter at this point
2. Bring into mudbox, make high poly
3. Bring into TopoGun ( ) , make edge loops for animation
4. Bring low poly "traced" model into to Maya, unwrap
5. Bring into xNormal ( ) , bake Normal/AO map from high to low
6. Use AO and normal map for texturing
7. Enjoy

Hopefully I should be able to use this for making enviroment assets for DarkStar. Looks like a plan.

Another lesson in reading the mutha effin helpfile...

Old Stuffs

This picture is somewhat scary (on all levels), but I learned a good process with it. Using smudge tool + the option of having "fingerpainting" on is a really cool thing to use when blending (the picture looks better bigger). So, start with a few moving streaks of fingerpaint to make a line of lighter color. Then, move in with the smudge tool to blend these streak in as a flattened form, or plane. Good for making blended forms. Also, liquefy is the equivalent of the sculpt geometry tools in maya for fixing large areas of the painting. Might be good even just for pencil drawings. Try it out!

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  1. Very cool. And glad to see you trying out TOpogun.

    Yeah I tried Xnormal once, but I didn't know you could bake maps in it. I thought it was just for viewing normals.